neděle 13. února 2011

So where was a mistake?

I wrote that Kittanya makes the same bugs in english. Look at them.

1) English like language is written with a small letter e. English like nation is written with a big     letter e.
2) "You" and the other pronouns is written with a small letter too.
3) Where was a verb "do" in sentences?
4) The most of used words in the text was a little bad.
5) Location of certain words in sentences were also bad.

Can you correct my little bad (blue) words? (beetwen, hurdles, training, right)

Corrected text of Go on...:

English becomes the most used language between foreigners. Anyone who can´t speak english, he is closing himself before the world. However, Czechs lag behind in knowledge of english (language). Don´t sit quietly in a corner when others are talking in english. Drop hurdles that prevent you from expressing foreign words. Don´t be shy. The sooner you start talking, the sooner you stop feeling ashamed. The more you use english, the more you know it. It isn´t important to speak correctly, important is to understand. Do you understand this text without using Can you answer quickly? Training english with us!

1st Can you find all the mistakes in this text? How is it right?
2nd What is worse? To be able to speak english well and not to talk or not to be able to speak in english well and talk with mistakes? And why?
3rd If you had to write an essay in english on the topic what would you dared?
4th Can you translate any article in english from this blog? Translate and send an email to the club. Comparing knowledge of english with a band of.
5th Why Czechs lag behind in english?
6th How would you translate the name of Autorská tlupa?
7th Do you know the synonyms for the word "vzácný"?

Watch the section "Go to English" and learn with us.

Synonyms for the word "vzácný": precious (like a "drahocený"), valuable (like a "cenný"), inestimable (neocenitelný), scarce (nedostatkový), rare (realy "vzácný"), infrequent (ne dost často se vyskytující), uncommon (málo běžný, neobvyklý) 

precious jewel
valuable message
inestimable helper
scarce commodity
rare bird
infrequent disease
uncommon reaction 

2 komentáře:

  1. If you had to write an essay in english on the topic what would you dared?
    Are you sure it shouldn't be:
    If you had to write an essay in english on the topic what would you dare?
    (And "an eglish essay" sounds a lot better as well)

  2. I realy don´t know, Ethnea... But I think, that you have a true. I must be better...