čtvrtek 27. ledna 2011

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English becomes the most using language between foreigners. Who doesn´t speak English, he is closing himself before the world. However, Czechs are lagging behind in knowledge of English. Don´t sit quietly in a corner, when others are talking in English. Drop hurdles, which prevents you from expressing foreign words. Don´t be shy. The sooner You start talking, the sooner You stop ashamed. The more You use English, the more You know it. It isn´t important to speak correctly, important is to understand. Do You understand this text without using google.translate.cz? Can You answer quickly? Training with us in English!

1st Can You find all the mistakes in this text? How is that right?
2nd What is worse? To be able to speak English well and not to speak or not to be able to speak English and speak with mistakes? And why?
3rd If you had to write an essay in English on the topic what would you dared?
4th Can you translate any article from this blog in English? Translate and send an email to the club. Comparing knowledge of English with a band of.
5th Why Czechs lag behind in English?
6th How would you translate the name of Autorská tlupa?
7th Do you know the synonyms for the word "vzácný"?

Watch the section "Go to English" and learn with us.

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  1. Hi.
    I'm just amazed!:) This is what I'm talking about. Learning czech bloggers to English language at first no matter how many mistakes are in thd speach etc. I totally agree witch this article - But lots of people from blog.cz don't share my opinion to this problem. They are to much proud of being czech and they are presenting themselves like - patriots or what- what a fake pose.= they are just shy to speak or they are unable to speak because of their stupidness. Well but it's everyones choice to speak/learn or not - but it's a pity don't you think?

  2. I´m learning English at school and I can´t speak English well, but I understood!!! :) :) :)

  3. Jesus Christ?! Co to je? Sometimes I´m thinking about starting a new Czech-English blog. Ale vždycky se na to vyseru. Or to rewrite storyteller. Hmmm. But I think, that world´s readers aren´t the same as Czech Republic´s.

  4. [Lištička] Maintenant, vous pouvez pratiquer seulement a la blog d'Isabelle, quele est dans la section de blogs etrangéres, parceque je pense, que mon francais n'est pas trés bon. Mais, si vous voulez, on peut écrire aussi en francais ...avec des fautes.

  5. Je le sais et déja regade. C´est bon blogue pour faire francais. Je visite Nessie, mais elle écrit pas francais. :)
    Si tu dis, que ton francais n´est pas tres bon, je serra le lapin et pas le renard. ;) Tu parle (ou éctris) bien.
    Eh oui... Je voudrais communicé aussi en francais (les fautes ne sont pas importantes). Tout le monde veut anglais, mais qu´est-ce que francais? C´est la langue magnifique et je le prefere qu´anglais.

  6. "Vzácný" means "precious" (according to me:D ) and "Autorská tlupa" is Authorial troop:) I'm enthusiastic about your brand new idea, gonna translate something right now...

  7. I understand the text without google.cz, but I can not answer without him. That's my problem. Total understand plain English, but I can not speak.

    6. Author pack
    7. unique