pondělí 28. února 2011

What did you do at weekend?

When you go through the streets in Brno, you can hear the strolling musicians.

They play very nice. I often meet a guy who plays the harmonica, but many of them playing the violin. We picked up Tadeáš (Thaddeus in english, haha) at the railway station and we immediately headed to the pub (called Šutr, it´s something like a big stone). It is a tavern where the fencers and players LARP have meeting. Here we ordered a beer "Korma". It is a black beer which is diluted with mead. When we went out, we were very merry. We stopped at the violinist, and listened. Tadeáš give couple of coins to violinist and he request him to playing fast waltz. After a while he asked me to dance. We were in a good mood and I´m always for every evil. So we danced until we started to totter. Pople around us were stopping and watching us. Ridira with Vipero clapped to the beat. At home Tadeáš played the guitar, we sang and danced (and drank), we played some funny games ...

And what was yours weekend? 

PS: I´m sorry for my mistakes, I´m really bad englishwoman...

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  1. Well, better weekend then my.
    It all started on friday, because I was with my band on a ball as a band, you know. And there was just terrible acoustics, and the main volume of all monitors and speakers went really high at the midnight - well everybody was dancing and having fun so our sound engineer turn the volume up.
    Well, then I was really unable to hear the music line, rythm etc. It was just loud noise.
    After the has finished - I suddenly realize that I can't hear with my right ear. Terrible feeling. Well I heard, but, so little. So I went to bed and the other day, NOTHING, OH MY GOOD. My right ear was still in agony, well it was a bit better but still.

    Now it is ok. Im really glad. I must by more carefull next time and decide faster to put my head-phones of earlier. And tell our sound engineer that he should by more carefull too because how he set the volume and settings - this is how the music etc goes rightly into my head.

    And now I about to go to bed, beause acctualy I've had 2 concerts with my band, the second one was way better, so I'm not going to explain it too :-D.
    Sorry for such a long comment full of mistakes too, but :) nevermind.

    C YA


  2. *After the ball has finished
    *to put my headphones off earlier

    AWW MAAAn :-D