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Halfdann in London - part two


Finally I'm here with the second part of my telling.

Day 3:

WetherSpoon restaurants:

I'd like to start with a small recommendation for you, if you someday visit London for few days or more, you'll probably want to eat something :). Well we've found through my cousin that there are many "hidden" restaurants in London, which are  cheaper than the others, so it's good for your pocket.
Each restaurant have different name, but mostly under the big sign of the restaurant are small letters - wetherspoon.
It's some chain of  restaurants, named maybe by owner or something.

If you have an iPod or iPhone you could also download smart app and through wi-fi connection you could find the closest WetherSpoon restaurants to you.

When we arrived to nearest wetherspoon restaurant, our uncle recommended to us to order menu - Kidney pudding (weird taste, I don't recommend this to you), Fish And chips (yep, that's good) and menu called - Bear and burger (the yummiest, hardly recommended)
And with these menus, you could choose some alcoholic beverage or non-alcoholic, the price is counted as a menu, and if you come and order between 2-5 o'clock, you'll have some discount.

So we had Guinness beers, very delicious. And bubbles are falling down not up, as it is in other beers.

 Beer and burger - menu: So it means fries, tomato sauce, beef burger with extra cheese and beer.
 VERY, I mean VERY yummy.

 The second meal what we've had, was Fish and chips. It is really better than on the picture. So the menu contain: Fries, fish (fried fish/ filé), peas smashed or normal whole and tomato or tatar sauce. And of course some beverage - at this picture it's tea.
 This is a photo what the restaurant look like.  - The montagu Pyke. (in chain of wetherspoon restaurants). Then we went window shopping (koukání po výlohách), on our way to museums.

On our way I also saw some phone-boxes so I must take a photo of them, because it's so known :). So when we arrived on place, we've had to choose into what museum we will go. There was several options, but I've decided for the team :-D  -> Science museum and then Nature Museum? (science,nature sections), science section, because it was so exciting and nature museum because my mother wanted to see dinosaurs.
 This is a picture of the nature museum. Behind this was the science museum, smaller.

 Exciting way up into section - earth, minerals, volcano etc.
science museum 

This 3D projection showed us what earth looks like and it also changed into earth what showed - flight transfers, lights of cities etc. Well this science museum was really cool, lots of amazing facts and things so I really forgot to take some photos. But there was lots of amazing stuff from space, machines in space, space-rockets. In next room origins of the internet and communication, computers etc. And it ended with time measuring section. Well, then we went back to our hotel and next day in the morning we had to got up early too, and we had to take a bus to Stansted airport. Where we had to wait 2 hours, so we bought cafe in Costa cafe. I've ordered cafe late - iced, really good.

And that's it. Our plane has arrived and we flight back to Brno airport and then next 2,5 hours to Ceske Budejovice.

Thank you for your time and patience. 

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