čtvrtek 3. března 2011


 „Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.“
James Dean
Dear visitors!
Let me introduce myself. I am Ethnea and you will probably meet me in the “Go To English” section time to time.

Let’s move to our today’s topic.
It’s all about life and dreams. We just live our everyday life, study, work, earn money and do some hobbies in our leisure time. We might like it or not, but that’s it. But we can also have a dream or even more than one. Having a nice house with lovely garden, getting a well paid job that we really enjoy, meeting a prince charming…Or maybe a little bit more realistic ones? Having a beautiful baby, being healthy, saving for holidays, meeting our favourite band… Doesn’t matter which one, but we all have a dream. We might either keep on dreaming or try hard and realize our dreams. It’s our choice! Because everything is possible if we really believe we can do it. The title says it all: Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. So what do you choose? Dream your life? Or live your dream?
And what are your dreams?

Article by Ethnea

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  1. Ájl liv in finlend end dér wil bí máj fárm antyl ájl gou tů ájrlend end dér áj wil mejk ňů forest. Ájl mejk forest end áj wil rytrn tů finlend, wér áj wil liv antil áj dáj.
    (omlouvám se, jestli to nedává smysl, nebo jestli je to špantě přeložené, nebo jeslti tam mám špatnou výslovnost :D.)

  2. Well you're right. And I have lots of dreams, they are now a way differend from the other dreams which I've had when I was younger. But I kept one dream and I want to make this dream come true - and the dream is to be really good drummer and maby a bit famous, but not too much.
    Well, but I also have one main dream and it sounds easy, but I believe that it isn't that simple as it seems to be. In the dream I'm dreaming about a nice house with garden, in front of the house nice car, for example Honda Civic 2010 or Toyota Avensis, and this all I want to share with my love, my wife and 2 children :). That a nice imagination, don't you think?

  3. 2Babe: Eeew sorry my dear, cannot read this. =P

    2Halfdann: That's definitely a nice dream! And seems to be also possible with a bit of effort.

    I dream about moving to our capital, getting a nice, small flat and another well paid job. It is as simple as that. And erm, ye, there's the life dream as well. Moving out of the country. Buying one of those tower appartments in Melbourne, Australia, getting a great job. And who knows, meeting the right person to start my family with?

  4. Translation of Babe comment:
    I will live in Finland and there will be my farm until I will go to Ireland and there I will make new forest. I will make forest and I will return to Finland, where I will live until I die.
    :D I love when someone write english in this form. :D It is so funny to read it and i am alway thinking about what would think some Englishman if he was reading it.
    (Tak teda týmto si nie som istá, najmä nie tou poslednou vetou. :D)

  5. 2Lastovicka: You didn't get it. ;-P

  6. Oh dreams... I love dreams because they give us reason to live. And my dreams? I want to be popular... Not in real live, because it´s impossible. But I want to be popular here. Have more than 14 peoples at day. I know it is not important but... You know.. It´s typical Blogger Dream. Something like american dream but... U need to have an imagination ;)