úterý 15. března 2011

Halfdann in London - part one

Hello guys.

As you can know, many schools and students in Czech Republic just had a vacation or school holidays and I was among them.
So I had a week off and I choose to spend four days abroad.
I always wanted to go to London, our school was there two times, but I was unable to manage my time and travel with them. So we bought a flight tickets on Christmas last year with my Uncle and travel there in March.

Flight from Brno :

After we spend two ours in a car traveling from Ceske Budejovice to Brno, we had a lunch in a big shopping centre IKEA and then we drove to Brno Airport.

It was also my first flight in a big plane, so I was really exited about it :).
After 2 hours of flight at night, we finally reach our destination - Luton Airport station.
First what I’ve noticed that people here are strictly obeying rules and signs on a walls. Standing in a queue, cellphones turned off, waiting in a line in front of passport check-ins and so on.

Then we bought tickets to a bus what was waiting for people from planes to lift them to a city or train stations. So we went out when we have reached some train station and then  we waited for a train which  take us to King’s Cross / St.Pancras station, near our little hotel called Winchester Hotel.
Well the second time where I was amazed was, that train stations, and trains are so so clean, fast and comfort. You can’t see any old dirty train with graffitys on them, because there isn’t one.

After we arrived to our little hotel, then I realized, that all around me, was lots of tiny buildings, except that, they was also thin. Well when I get the keys from reception, and go downstairs to my apartment through really small stairs and opened the doors - I finally get the point that in London is really everything tiny and small, including streets and roads.

Only the wealthiest people can live in a houses bigger than our projects.( bytove jednotky, panelaky)

But except the small apartment and stairs and other buildings, they can do really yummy breakfasts. One of my tastiest breakfasts that I ever had.

Typical british breakfast - Fried beacon, with egg, sausage and beans. Than as a beverage you can drink tea,caffe,orange juice or water. After the typical breakfast I always made for me two or three extra toasts with jam.

Day 2 :

The second day we got up earlier and began a walk on a right side of the river Thames. We’ve started at the Tower bridge.

Then we went straight on the right side of the river with London EYE direction.
On the way to the London Eye we also saw a crusader from the second World War - Belfast.

Not so far from the battle ship we saw Globe theatre, just from the outside. But if you order some tickets online or in the Globe, you can see some of Shakespeare’s plays.
Next few minutes of walk from the Globe theatre, and I was looking forward to it, is Milenium bridge. I like the structure of the bridge and how splendidly is the bridge build.
You could saw this bridge in the new Harry Potter movie.

And because it was low tide, I was able to see the sand down on the river-basin. (bylo mozne videt pisek v korytu reky)
So some of local students was making fun with tools and they was building this -  

Incredible work, so nice. They also had there small bucket, so you could throw them few pounds or cents and wish something. :) I throw them few coins too, because they just got me with the sign on the wall made of sand.
It said “ Hit the bucket, make a wish. We wish for pounds, made all of this “ I think. And finally after next few minutes we’ve reached the London Eye. 

I wanted to go on the board of the eye, but there was such a long queue, so I changed my mind.

So we proceed our tour, and go further.
What I wanted next was take a photo of me with Big Ben clock behind me. And I successfully done that :).
 Kittanya: Oh, such a nice guy!

Then my legs began to hurt, but I went further straight to Nelson's Column in front of the National Gallery.

Then after a few minutes of break we used the Underground to get to Oxford Circus underground station. And from there we could nearly saw the Apple Store. The most beautiful historic building, and the most beautiful Apple Store in Europe. I was really looking forward to see this store because I’m a huge fan of Apple company.

 I spend there pretty long time. Well I didn’t want to buy some product because I have enough Apple products from our country but I wanted to buy a T-Shirt. The exact T-Shirt what they have in the Apple stores all around the world, I’ve asked two guys if they could sell some, I offer to them bigger price for the shirt as a black market. After few minutes of discussing they told my that they could lost their job if they will do that.
So I was sad about the T-Shirt. Nevertheless it was great experience to see such a big shop, huge floors filled with Apple expensive products.

And this is the end of day two. And I’d like to proceed this telling and the rest of my trip in part two. If you have any questions please leave comment :).
“ C ya “ later.

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  1. Hmm really sweet, it surelly did bring all my memories back! I visited London 10 years ago (Jeeeez! 10 years ago!) and I still hope I will come back one day.

  2. NOTICE: I want to chalenge you! Because in the text is few more mistakes, you can leave a comment which will be containing the right words or sentences. :) I will be glad if somebody will do that.
    Thank you.

    PS: I want to say thanks also to Kittanya, for her kindness

  3. For nice guy I will do everything...

  4. 2 Halfdann: Hmm a challenge! But I decided not to correct anything or anyone anymore. =D

  5. Really nice pictures :)
    I am going to London soon too (with school). But by bus. Unfortunetly, cuz I love plains :) I am really looking forward to it, but 14 hours spent in bus... :/

    So wish me luck, i hate long travelling.

  6. 2 Petra: It's really not that bad! I went by bus as well and it was all fine. I loved the Eurotunnel because it was something special.

  7. Honestly I am a bit scared :D You know, Eurotunnel, sea, omg :D

  8. But Petra, Eurotunnel is under ground! Sooo, no worries!